The Histroy And Progression Of Water Sports

The Histroy And Progression Of Water Sports

In today’s life water sports is considered by many people around the world as very crucial and for fun. It is said that a group of people involve themselves in the competition for money and fame, but in the real sense, it is to have fun in the long run. Research shows that some of the water sports were introduced for the past 100 years while others are being invented and introduced currently.

We have different types of water sports which include; boating, board diving, fishing, paddling, parasailing, snorkeling rowing, sailing, wakeboarding scuba diving, surfing, swimming, water polo, waterskiing, windsurfing, and other water sport. For sure water sports have been enjoyed for many years as they are considered fun to watch and exciting to participate in. As we know from history, fishing has been one of the oldest and most common sports in the world. Fishing provides job opportunities as it can act as the source of income, also fishers catch fish for their consumption. Swimming did not start just the other day, but it is an old sport as it has been there since before Greeks. Across all the continents people participate in the competition for living, fun, and survival. As we are used to fishing and swimming, water skiing is also another particular of water spot which has been in use for a short period. Slalom skiing and regular skiing are the main types of water skiing that we have today. Ralph Samuelson from Minnesota in 1922 invented the water skiing.

It is believed that swimming is the most popular of the water sports since it can be easily understood and less expensive compared to the other types of water sports. It is considered as an activity which instills courageousness and a supernatural power according to the world history. In 1538 the first document, Nicolas Wynman’s Dialogue concerning swimming methods was established. Due to the creation of many swimming zones in today’s world, most people have drawn their interest to swimming. Swimming was confirmed as an Olympic game for its first time in the year 1896. Across the English Channel swimming is the most advertised water sport. Gertrude Ederle happened to be the first female to cross the channel from the United States in 1926 while in 1875, Matthew Webb of England was the first man ever to swim across the English Channel according to the history.

There are many different types of swimming, this includes;

Front crawl

Also referred to as freestyle stroke, is the most commonly used style because of its speed. It requires one to bring hands over the head and to kick hard using feet at the same time. It is advisable to maintain the body straight so as not to slow down the speed.


This style is almost the same as the front crawl unlike that one is required to swim on their back. The whole body should be in water leaving the lungs on top of the water. Movement is achieved through leg kicks while maintaining the shape horizontally.